Welcome to our special food blog where you can find the most interesting recipes from all over the world, review numerous cookbooks, including our own, learn about good food recommendations and basically inform yourself about the wonderful art of cooking. We can also help you to educate yourself on the very discipline of eating healthy and we strongly believe that the food we eat can prolong or shorten our lives. We are also dealing with gluten-free diets for lactose intolerant people as we know how difficult it can be to change your habits and diet out of nowhere so suddenly.

What we do

Everything we do we will share with our readers. This article will be focused on our three main activities which are recipes, healthy eating advice and suggestions and writing our latest cookbook which will be comprised of all recipes we know and the stories we learned on our numerous travels.


Our recipes are mostly focused on homemade food but we can offer numerous baking recipes like chive and mature cheddar muffins or pudding recipes like Yorkshire curd tart. Meat recipes, breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes, brunch and salads, everything you need in one place, sorted out and categorized for you.

Healthy Food

We’re dealing with healthy eating and how it affects your health. With this in mind, feel free to contact us and ask us for any advice what so ever. We will point out how gluten-free diet can improve your overall life quality and why it is important to eat healthily.


Once we publish our own very first cookbook, you will be able to find all our recipes and much more in one place. Besides the recipes, we will incorporate countless impressions and stories from various chefs all around the world and how they see and feel about what we do.

Why Choose Our Recipes

The only answer we can give regarding this question is because what lactose intolerant people are going through. That is why we have chosen to customize our recipes to match the needs of those people and most of your recipes are dairy and gluten-free. When someone discovered that they are lactose intolerant, their entire lives change because of it. We wanted to help out those people and that is why we started this blog. Our recipes can easily suit anyone’s taste and we believe that our cookbook has a little something for everyone. Give us a try and share the impressions.


We’re happy to share with you that many people found our recipes to be a real refreshment in their daily diets. Here are their testimonials.



From the moment I realized that I was lactose intolerant, I could not find a suitable diet for quite some time. Your recipes were eye-opening.



I decided to give cooking a try. With your recipes not only that I have learned to cook but educated myself on the importance of eating healthy.



Food is a necessity in life. Your blog showed me how to get the best of it while still paying attention to my health.


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