Monday, 7 April 2014

Postcard from...Seville

Plazas filled with orange trees, late-night bars with generous gin-pouring policies and impromptu flamenco shows, and tapas joints with hams dangling from the ceiling: Seville was everything I hoped it would be.

We only had two nights in this sultry Spanish city, and food was obviously priority uno, so I booked a Sevilla Tapas tour with local expert Shawn Hennessey. Shawn is a Canadian ex-pat who has lived in Seville for 20 years - she knows every hidden restaurant in Seville's twisty back streets, every tourist-trap to avoid and every bar owner (and their families). It was raining on the night of our tour, so we scuttled under umbrellas along the cobbled alleys of Santa Cruz (the old Jewish quarter) and into timeless bars like Las Teresas (owners of the magnificent Iberico hams pictured above). I highly recommend taking one of her tours if it's your first visit to the city.

For a full account of the most delicious things to eat in Seville, check out my round-up for Sainsbury's magazine here.

Follow Shawn on Twitter: @sevillatapas


Toby said...

Hmmm... jamon! This is making me extremely hungry. I've never been to Seville but it looks great.

Mrs. Pepperpot said...

Sounds a brilliant place to visit - love idea of tapas tour.

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