bookmark_border3 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a London Videographer

Suppose your wedding in London is around the corner and you want to hire a videographer to cover the event. Wouldn’t you want to know whether the videographer is capable enough to handle your job? With the advent of smartphones, many people claim that they are good photographers and videographers. In reality, videography requires a lot of skills, experience, knowledge, dedication, and patience. Otherwise, it would seem like a child holding a mobile phone to capture bits and parts of the event.

The best way to decide which videographer should work for your event is to ask him a few questions about his craft.

  1. In what format will you provide the video?

Go back a couple of decades and think of the video cameras that videographers used. They were those big and heavy cameras that they had to carry on their shoulders. It was essential to carry tapes along so that they could keep recording the video continuously. They are a thing of the past now. Videographers now use the latest DSLR cameras to shoot videos. These cameras retain the quality of the videos for decades. When you decide to hire a videographer, make sure you ask about the format of the video that you will receive. BluRay offers crystal-clear picture quality and the videographer should have it as an option. Otherwise, DVD format is another option, but its picture quality isn’t as good as BluRay.

  1. How do you want to cover the event?

Different videographers have different styles of capturing videos. Some may focus more on drone shots while others may want to remain in the thick of things by getting as close to the event as possible. You should discuss this at the time of hiring the videographer. It is also important to know how many people will come to cover the event. For example, if it’s a grand wedding in London with more than 500 guests, you would require at least 4 to 5 videographers at different parts of the venue. Will the videographer be able to accumulate a team to cover such a huge event? It’s better to ask upfront instead of quarreling later.

  1. Will you edit all the videos before sending them?

Talk to the London videographer in advance about whether or not he will edit the videos. Video editing takes time as it involves cutting the videos, joining them, adding background music, adding texts if required, and colour grading different parts of the video. Raw video footage may not look appealing, especially if it’s your wedding or reception video. They require a certain level of editing. Remember, you are spending a substantial amount to hire the services of a videographer; therefore, you should keep all the aspects in mind before finally hiring the person. You need someone who provides a complete set of services.

London has many videographers who would want to cover your event as soon as you ask them. But are they capable enough? take a look at You can find out if you are tricky enough to slip these questions in during your conversion.

bookmark_borderHow to Choose a London Video Production Company

When you’re looking to hire a London video production company for your next project, there are several factors to consider. Choosing a company that has a national or global client base is essential. A smaller, local company may not have national clientele but may have worked with many other local companies and have a lot of experience. However, larger companies can offer a wider range of services than smaller, local companies. Here is how you can choose the best London video production company for a project you have in mind.

How To Find An Experienced Team Of Videographers

The first thing you will want to do is find numerous businesses that can offer you a wide range of talent. These are videographers that have years of experience in producing perhaps their own movies and videos. On their websites, you will see examples of projects they have completed. There may even be testimonials from clients that were more than happy with their services. From coming up with initial concepts, to offering post-production services these businesses will offer a complete and comprehensive set of packages.

What Types Of Packages Will They Offer?

Most London-based video production companies will offer a wide range of services and packages. They should be able to handle projects of all sizes, plus have experience with commercials, cinematic promotional videos, and perhaps even brand films. Each package will include numerous levels of complexity when creating videos that will have an impact on your audience. Their experience working with various clients over the years will enable them to offer you comprehensive packages that will lead to your final project. These packages may include the development of corporate films, commercials, talking head videos, or event filming. They may also offer multilingual or subtitled films to target your audience at a global level.

How To Assess Each Video production Agency Business

The businesses that you choose should have a package that is both comprehensive and affordable. It should originate from a company that has rave reviews. The prices that they charge should be well within your existing budget. The final choice that you make will be based on these factors and examples of work they have already completed. However, you will still need to speak directly with the owner of each business to discuss your project with them. If you feel confident about their experience, and their level of competency, you can choose the right business to help you out.

Video production example

How To Make The Right Choice

You will know that you are making the right decision based on the information that is presented on their website. Most of them will have a comprehensive portfolio of past projects they have completed. They will also have information about the different processes that will contribute to the creation of your video. As with any website for your business, you will also find an about page and contact information. However, it will be your conversation with each business that will help you make your final choice. If you feel confident about the individual, and prior projects they have completed, you can sign a contract with that business to complete your project in a timely manner.

Choosing a London video production company should not be a difficult decision. All of your research on these businesses should help you assess what company will offer you the best deal. Always remember to give them a time frame for which the project will be completed. If they can guarantee that your project will be done on time, you will know that you have found the best London video production company that can assist you at a reasonable cost.