About Us

Hi, and thanks for visiting our tiny corner of the internet.

Pinch Of Salt LondonPinch of Salt is a food blog, dedicated to healthy eating and cooking. In 2011, this blog was shortlisted for the Guild of Food Writers’ New Media Award. It has also been named as one of Woman & Home’s top 100 food blogs. Pinch of Salt began as a way of documenting our London food experiences and this blog is still the place anyone can come to document all those food and travel moments, great cafe finds and favorite recipes.

When it comes to cooking and our experiences, we simply can’t wait to share all our stories and recipes with you and learn something new along the way. We are primarily focused on cooking and healthy eating but we also love to share our impressions on the best cafes of the week, recipes from every corner of the world and anything else related to cooking. Anyone is free to pay us a visit and contact us about anything they have in their minds. Share your stories with us and write to us about food products, fancy restaurants and their services.

We are now proud to say that we are dairy-free cooks and working on an exciting new project that we will blog about here soon. You might find a little less London on here these days (despite the URL!), but the beauty of blogs is that they can evolve both with their authors and their readers. We hope you like the changes.