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If you asked me to recommend my all-time favorite juicer brand you might think me biased. The great majority of my kitchen appliances are from this brand. IT’s reliable and also affordable which makes it great for first-time small appliance buyers. But, there also other great brands out there and though I’ve used my Hamilton juicer for years I did the switch. I always try to give other brands a chance because I like to try new things every now and then. plus it gives me the ability to recommend as much as possible. Here is a list of the best juicers for the money¬†alongside a few others worthy of trying.

Hamilton Beach

This is, of course, my favorite brand when it comes to small appliances for a simple reason. It’s very reliable. Every appliance I’ve owned from this brand has lasted me more than 2 years. I use the majority of my appliances every day. My juicer was one of those items so I was not mad when it stopped working. It’s also very affordable. This is another reason I wasn’t to upset. I didn’t spend a fortune and it got the job done extremely well. They are easy to pull apart and put together which is great when needs cleaning. I’ve used mine to juice hard vegetables like carrots with no issue.

A con of these machines, however, is that they do require a little more manual work as you do have to push the fruit through the machine. This, however, does give you the opportunity to go as slow or as fast as you want.

Black and Decker

This is the brand juicer I have in my home now. Again similarly to Hamilton beach I own other small appliances from this brand that I love. It’s very reliable as well even more so than my Hamilton Beach. It is more expensive but with a lot of features. I am able to control how much juice goes into my cup and what is stored in the machines larger cup to be placed in the refrigerator.

I find there is a lot less vegetable trash with this machine and more of it turning into actual juice. The exterior, unlike the Hamilton Beach, is also a lot more expensive looking so it is aesthetically pleasing to have out on your counter. This brand can be found at many retailers. Online, Target and Walmart all supply this brand.


I’ve yet to try a juicer from this brand but I have tried their food processor and have only heard great reviews on their appliances. This brand is a little bit on the mid range to high range when it comes to expense. Just know you are getting quality for your dollar from the materials they use to create their appliances to how they operate with simplicity and ease.

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