New Beginnings…And A Book

Dairy-Free Delicious

There’s been radio silence around these parts for far too long. Sorry about that. Our fingers haven’t fallen off, rendering us unable to type – rather we’ve been busy moving out of London, writing lots of stuff for The Guardian…and penning a cookbook!

Dairy-Free DeliciousIt’s called Dairy-Free Delicious, it’s out in March 2015 from Quadrille Publishing and it contains 120 recipes for food lovers who can’t do dairy. We’ve had to change the way we approach cooking and eating out a bit as we wanted to adjust it to the lactose-intolerant people. Hence the book. Lactose intolerant people have to change their eating habits a lot and embrace the fact that they have a lot to think about before preparing their next meal. We will use our blog to point that out as well as mention how this can change a person’s life and what to do about it. So, besides sharing new recipes, our readers will get a bit more on the lactose intolerant subject as well as our brand new website.

Our lives have changed in so many ways since we started this blog. We have loved this little online space so much, the experiences it has given us, and every one of you who came, read and left lovely comments. we may return to it at some point in the future but for now, it’s farewell to Pinch of Salt and…

…hello to

We’d love it if you headed over to our new website full of recipes, product reviews, travel and eating out inspiration. It’s aimed at food lovers who can’t do dairy but we hope there are lots there for cheese-munchers to enjoy, too.

Thanks for reading,